Monday, 10 July 2017

Not quite a flood, but submissions are now flowing in after a slow start. Helped, I think, by the project being listed on a couple of websites and blogs that list anthologies and publications seeking submissions.

We have received a couple of requests that we check a writer's blog or website for suitable material. Something we can't and won't do. It takes too much time, and if a writer seriously wants their work considered, they need to check the guidelines and submit their best, appropriate work that reflects the criteria.

I'm interested in the variety and range of work we've received so far and enjoy the first read quick readthrough before filing it for a closer look later. 

Thanks to all those who've submitted so far and have, as I suggest in my first response email, checked the blog from time to time for updates. You'll be hearing from me again in the next month or so.

Meanwhile, enjoy your summer.


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